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Preventive Maintenance

Reliable Service and Prompt Responsiveness

Mechanical Services:

  • - Preventive Maintenance Agreements.
  • - 24 hour emergency service for Contract Customers.
  • - Spot service for non-contract customers.
  • - Fixed price, or time and material renovation work to rejuvenate HVAC Systems.
  • - Mechanical and plumbing service on additions to buildings not handled by our Construction Company.

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Harris Mechanical Services, Inc. is in the business of providing quality, pro-active, Preventive Maintenance to all of our customers.  We also make it our business to provide superior communication and explanation of work every step of the way.  Fixing your mechanical problems timely and properly the first time is our priority.  Honesty, integrity and responsiveness are attributes in both our employees and our customers that make for a great “partnership” when trying to grow our business and will ensure a positive experience for everyone.

 Preventive Maintenance Agreements

As a service company, we place emphasis on Preventive Maintenance of HVAC systems in order to provide greater system reliability and less downtime. As there are many different levels of preventive maintenance available, along with many types of programs, please call today and ask for the Sales Manager. He will gladly discuss your needs on the phone or in person and recommend a program that is right for your facility. We can develop a customized preventive maintenance agreement for you, based on:

  • Ÿ Varied scopes of work to accommodate needs and budgets.
  • Ÿ Service Labor option or Labor and Materials Option can be included in Preventive Maintenance Agreements.
  • 24 hour emergency service provided for all customers with contract customers given priority.
  • Designated team for all scheduled work.
  • Equipment change-outs of all types and sizes of mechanical equipment as well as specialized projects. Smaller tenant build-outs and modifications to existing systems also make up a percentage of the work we perform.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • Allows equipment to run more efficiently, increasing energy savings.
  • Fewer complaints from occupants when system is not functioning properly.
  • Extends the life of the equipment based on level of maintenance and run time.
  • Reduces cost of repairing system when minor problems are found and fixed before major system components fail.
  • Reduced in-house overhead by decreasing labor spent by responsible parties or facilities managers placing service calls or fielding customer complaints.

“Hidden Costs” of Breakdown Maintenance

We place emphasis on Preventive Maintenance of HVAC systems in order to provide greater system function and reliability, improved system efficiency and reduced breakdowns. This avoids the “hidden costs” of breakdown maintenance. Here are some of the hidden costs:

  • Increased energy costs, as the system becomes less efficient.
  • Loss productivity to occupants when system is not functioning properly.
  • Cost of management time in getting system repaired.
  • Loss of customer confidence if environmental systems are not comfortable.
  • Excessive cost of repairing system when it breaks down.
  • Cost of system replacement sooner.

Call our Sales Manager, Charles “Chuck” Norris (804) 641-4328, today to discuss the right plan of action for your business.